Welcome to the official website for the Kansas Dental Board.  The Kansas Dental Board is the licensing and regulatory office for dentists and dental hygienists in the State of Kansas.

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Dentist Contractor Wanted!

The Kansas Dental Board is seeking bid solicitations from a licensed Kansas dentist with at least 10 years of experience for professional investigative and inspection services.  This is a unique opportunity for an independent contractor dentist to work with the Board while performing inspections and investigations.  All bids and communications regarding this bid must be submitted through the Kansas Department of Administration, Office of Procurement and Contracts.  Bid solicitation details and instructions may be found here:  https://admin.ks.gov/offices/procurement-and-contracts/bid-solicitations.  Submit a bid today!     

2018 and 2019 WREB COMPONENTS

Please note:  This clarification applies ONLY to the 2018 and 2019 WREB Examinations.

Exam applicants should read their candidate manuals prior to taking the exam.

WREB Components Required by the Kansas Dental Board:

1. Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP).
2. Operative:  Two (2) posterior restorations following WREB criteria.
3. Endodontics.
4. Periodontics.

Components NOT Required:

Prosthodontics:  This optional section is not required for Kansas Licensure.

Upcoming Meetings

Friday, August 16, 2019
Landon State Office Building, 5th Floor
900 SW Jackson, Room 509
Topeka, KS 66612

Teleconference Number: 1-866-620-7326
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